The Ancestry of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts

Rev. Hiram F. Fairbanks

Results of research on the descendants of Henry Adams which include both of the Adams Presidents. Some believe that this line of the Adams family has connections to the Adams families in Elbert & Hart Counties.

An Adams-Goolsby Genealogy & A Shirley Genealogy

Emma G. Baldwin

Research material on Robert Adams who came to America from Wales in 1624 aboard the Bona Nova and is thought to be progenitor of the Adamases here in Hart & Elbert Counties. Also contains material on the descendants of Danial Shirley who also came to America on the ship, Bona Nova. Some of his family can be found in Anderson County, SC as well as Hart & Franklin County, GA.

A History of the Glen Family of South Carolina and Georgia


History of the Glen (aka Glenn) family of Scotland, including William Glen who settled in South Carolina and John Glen who settled in Georgia.

A history and genealogy of the family of Baillie of Dunain, Dochfour and Lamington - with a short sketch of the family of McIntosh, Bulloch and related families

J.G.D. Bulloch, M.D.

A sketch of the family of McIntosh, Bulloch and other families.

Elbert Co Historical Collection Vol. III

Daughters of the American Revolution

The records of Elbert County, Ga were abstracted and compiled under the auspices of the Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee by Mrs. Grace Gilliam Davidson (Mrs. John Lee), State Historian of Georgia D. A. R. 1926-1928. The Stephen Heard Chapter of Elberton in Elbert County contributed many valuable records to this committee.

Elbert County Official History

John H. McIntosh

The compilation of this work has not been an easy task, but everyhour spent in its formation has given pleasure and satisfaction to the compiler. Its purposes are many. It has been written for those who have failed to secure valuable information from their forebears and, in consequence, know little of their ancestors. It has been written for the purpose of refreshing the memories of those of us prone to forget, but the primary purp'ose in view has been to preserve for future generations the history of a great county and an unexcelled people.

Fort and Fannin families (1903)

Kate Haynes Fort

The memoirs of Martha Low Fort, were dictated to her daughters, Fannie, and Kate, in the summer of 1881, at Macon, Ga.,two years before her death. She was a modest woman, and it was only at her children’s earnest solicitation that she consented to relate these reminicences.

Historical collections of Georgia - Name index

Reverend  George White

A name index of people mentioned in the Historical Collections of Georgia.

House of Forrester - a chronological listing of Forrester genealogy of Caucasian descent

Wallace Redman Forrester

A chronological listing of the Forrester surname.

List of 680 revolutionary soldiers and widows of revolutionary soldiers in Georgia to 1838

Thomas Nelson

A list of Revolutionary soldiers and widows by county of residence

Men of mark in Georgia, Volume 1 (1912)

Edited by Governor William F. Northern

A Complete and Elaborate History of the State from its settlementto the present time, chiefly told in biographies and autobiographiesof the most eminent men of each period of Georgia's progress and development

Men of mark in Georgia, Volume 2 (1912)

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Men of mark in Georgia, Volume 3 (1912)

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Men of mark in Georgia, Volume 4 (1912)

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Men of mark in Georgia, Volume 5 (1912)

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Men of mark in Georgia, Volume 6 (1912)

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Names of officers and soldiers who made application for land


 Taken from White s Historical Collections of Georgia, pages. 111-113

Northview Cemetery List of Graves

Jim Ray

List of burials in Hartwell’s oldest cemetery

Notable Southern Families Vol. 1

Zella Armstrong

A genealogical History of Armstrong, Banning, Blount, Brownlow, Calhoun, Deadrick, Gaines, Howard, Key, Luttrell, Lyle, McAdoo, McGhee, McMillan, Phinzy, Polk, Sevier, Shields, Stone, Turnley, VanDyke

Notable Southern Families Vol. 2

Zella Armstrong

A genealogical History of Bean, Boone, Borden, Bryan, Carter, Davis, Donaldson, Hardwick, Haywood, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Houston, Johnson, Kelton, Magill, Rhea, Montgomery, Shelby, Vance, Wear, Williams

Notable Southern Families Vol. 3

Zella Armstrong

A genealogical History of Armstrong, Cockrill, Duke, Elston, Lea, Park, Parks, Tunnell

Notable Southern Families Vol. 4

Zella Armstrong

A genealogical History of the Sevier Family

The Banks family of Elbert County, Georgia

Georgia Butt Young & Sara Banks Franklin

The compiler of the records of this little volume has endeavored by the use of different type and numerals for each generation to remove as much as possible all obscurity, and render it an easy task to trace each name back to the progenitor of the Banks family of Elbert County, Georgia.

The families of Bayard, Houstoun of Georgia, and the descent of the Bolton family from Assheton

Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch M.D.

In presenting the history and genealogy as contained in the following pages the author does not for one moment claim to have included the issue of each line or of each marriage, nor of all those descended from each family, but rather to carry out the descent of the direct line of the family to the first American ancestor, from whence those descended can arrive to that position where they can conveniently trace their lineage from the first ancestor arriving in America.

The Beville family of Virginia, Georgia, and Florida, and several allied families, north and south (1917)

Agnes Beville Vaughn Tedcastle

The writer of the following family sketches was reared on A the plantations of her maternal grandparents in Georgia and Florida, while others of her immediate ancestors owned conspicuous plantations in East Florida not far from the Georgia line. Life on all these plantations was much the same, and it seems desirable before the sketches themselves begin, to give some glimpses of this life as the writer actually knew it.

The Catchings and Holliday families, and various related families, in Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi and other southern states

The A. B. Caldwell Publishing CO.

The plan of this book is simple. It is arranged to facilitate reference to a name or a family. While it contains much valuable historical and biographical material, it is primarily genealogical and for that reason no effort has been made to arrange the matter either chronologically or with reference to its importance.

The Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia, and allied families (1922)

Johnson Dallas Company

A genealogy of the Hill family who settled in Wilkes County, GA

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